The usual rate of a doula is between € 700.00 and € 950.00 Maybe that is a bit of a shock. If you are discussing a photographer for your wedding, the costs are soon € 1000, – Beautiful to show the album to everyone and then the album disappears forever in the closet … unseen as a beautiful memory. Take this into consideration, the investment of a doula to feel your own strength and to give your child a safe haven whether at home or in hospital, is something you will ALWAYS take with you and for your child. This is an investment forever !!

Differences in price are depending on the contact moments, experience and different options of guidance.
Although a number of insurance companies now recognize the importance of the doula, the costs are (still) not reimbursed by the health insurers.
Nevertheless, I always advise to submit the invoice. In this way it becomes clear how many women now choose a doula and how small the corresponding medical costs are.

It may also be that you have a freely disposable amount with your insurance.

My rate is € 850, –

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