Pregnancy is a very special period. A lot is changing in your body and when you are pregnant for the first time, you may have many questions. At the start of the pregnancy everything is very exciting. You can feel different every week. One week you can feel fit and active while the other week you may feel tired. You choose your midwife where you have your monthly 10-minute consultation. You find your way in the jungle of questions. As a working woman you find your way to be there for yourself and the new life that grows in you.

During this period I would like to guide you as a doula in this jungle. Not to make decisions for you, but to help you with your questions and answers. Give you awareness of what is possible. During the next two visits, which last approximately 1.5 hours, we will get to know each other better and we will build trust. We will explore your wishes and step by step go through choices and possibilities in order to map your personal birth plan.
We will discuss your wishes and your concerns if any. The goal is to prepare you, as well as possible, for a positive delivery experience. I can also offer a massage at the next appointment if you like. There is also a possibility to book a Private pregnancy Pilates session.

I can also teach your partner some massage techniques. Between the prenatal visits I will be there for questions by e-mail, whatsapp or telephone.
I will be available by telephone 24/7 three weeks before the due date. We aim for a POSITIVE, soft, conscious and natural pregnancy and birth for mother and child.

The next generation can come into the world with a secure imprint.

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